KDBS series and wOw series (for Heavy cutting job) being COLUMN Type, it can keep the correct angle at any cases, and excellent technical cutting ability compared with the HINGE Type in the past. The oil pressure uses variable oil pump, so you can avoid the overwork of the pressure. In addition, we use best quality accessories and excellent piping equipments and materials. The common auto-machine you can meet stick the relay timer limit S/W on it, so harm caused the complicated structures. Our machine, on the other hand, has solved all the troubles in electricity and complication with just one small box by using “PLC(Programmable Logic Controller), called “Revolution of the Sequence”. And with a small LED, you can recognize all the circuit series and switch handling at one site. You, more ever, you can use it “Semi-permanent” on good condition because there is little leak

and breakdown. This Series has the double shuttle S/W of material trans-Vice in order to control the Auto-Cutting length to two times.(Nine times are available on your special order) This machine has the super-power saving system to make it possible to stop the machine automatically. If there is nobody in the work-field at the moment and some cutting parts that you don’t need. And also it is possible to make it stop when it isn’t suitable for your cutting condition you want. This machine is the greatest one which paid regard of body system and working convenience for you.