Tube Series

The KD Tube Series of pipe beveling machine. Many shops, depending on equipment, will put out 1-4 larger diameter pipes a day with the machined bevel quality required; taking anywhere from 1-4 hours per pipe to set up and “machine” the end of the pipe. The new Tube Series machines can knock that time down to 15-30 minutes including setup. The machine does not spin the pipe, but rather clamps and centers the material, while a facing head spins and approaches the material while inside the machine. 12” XH wall (1-1/2”) P91 pipe processed with a complex bevel including C-dimension was processed in 20 minutes. (see video on our Youtube channel.) The KD Tube Series of machines can dramatically increase your shop’s capacity and output, giving you a huge advantage over your competitors and increasing your profitability; all while taking up minimal floor space and overhead. Contact your KD Rep today to find out more!

    Shapes by KD-Program

    • Take the Time & Guesswork out of Beveling

      It’s all about time! The Tube Series of machines are revolutionizing the pipe fabrication industry. Designed to dramatic>lly cut down your shop’s beveling time; a complex J or U bevels that took hours to put on pipe can now be done in minutes.

      The Tube Series of machines is built out of strong stress relieved material. A sturdy frame that takes up a small footprint in your shop.
      Increasing both efficiencies and profitability! Is your company ready to grow?